Virtual Tour

The students at Park Road thought that a low stress way for other young people to see what Park Road as like and get some idea of what they could expect when visiting would be to make virtual tours of various areas within Park Road.

Social Area and Kitchen

Together time

Main social area at PRSC. Where students can spend break times and have their lunch. The kitchen area is used for cookery sessions and for preparation of food.

Science Lab


Room used for the teaching of science subjects at PRSC. The room and equipment give the centre the capability of following a full GCSE science curriculum.

Art Room


Room used for the teaching of Art, Design and Photography.

Outdoor Classroom


Description of what goes on in this area and what the students like about it and a quote.

English and Maths rooms


Small, quiet rooms used for the teaching of English and Maths.

Outdoor Space


Space around the main PRSC building that can be accessed by students to relax, have social time with other students and, if required, a safe place where students can go.

Quiet Room


A quiet, calm space within the base where students can go