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Passionate Educators

Park Road Support Centre is proud to have a staff of teachers that are passionate about making a difference in students’ lives through tireless dedication to education. Get to know each of our team members below.

Jane Smalley

Head of Centre

Jane is an experienced educational professional and has held a range of positions before becoming the Head of Centre at PRSC. Jane is responsible for the day-to-day running of PRSC where she is also the Safeguarding lead. Jane enjoys time with the students and often teaches when required.


Loved by students and staff alike, Poppy is a popular member of the centre staff.
She is in charge of friendly welcomes and tail wagging. 
Thoughtful of the evidence of the benefits of dogs in settings such as PRSC, Poppy is a regular visitor and helps the young people with anxiety and stress and is always available for a walk.

Jo Nicholls

Office Manager Jo is responsible for making PRSC run. Her never failing sense of good humour and can do attitude make her invaluable and an integral part of the PRSC machine

Heather Chapple

Heather is responsible for the teaching of English and literacy at Park Road, she is enthusiastic and committed to getting the best outcomes for students. Whatever the interest or capability of a student Heather will persevere to improve their literacy skills.

Steve Tyler-Beesley

Steve teaches maths at Park Road.His innovative and experimental teaching methods help engage students who find maths difficult.

Steve Cobbin

Steve is an experienced teacher and teaches science at Park Road. Steve is also an artist, photographer and musician and he uses these skills regularly with students at the centre when on activity sessions with students

Jackie Hervin

Jackie is responsible for the teaching of science at Park Road, she has experience working with students of all abilities to give the best results possible

Iestyn Lewis

Iestyn combines his time at PRSC with being a Foster Carer and Welfare Officer with the Wiltshire Cricket Board. Iestyn is involved in the teaching of film studies, maths and science and enjoys time off site, providing a wide range of opportunitie for students to gain valuable experiences.

James Remington

  Jamie spends time teaching Music Technology and is one of the Bases Forest School tutors. Jamie is experienced in a wide variety of subjects and also enjoys working with students away from the base.

Karen Ogborne

Karen is involved with the teaching of humanities and PHSE at the base. As an experienced member of the team she works hard to ensure that our students fulfil their potentials.

Kathryn O'Brien

Kath is an experienced tutor and Key-worker. Her main role is teaching English and Film Studies. Kath has a depth of experience in supporting students in their transition to further education.

Vaughan O'Nions

Vaughan is responsible for teaching art at Park Road and engaging students with off site activities. Vaughan is a highly skilled art tutor who enables students to get the very best outcomes. Vaughan is also one of the base's Forest School tutors.

Liz Gifford

Liz is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught in a number of specialist schools. Liz is responsible for the teaching of maths at Park Road and also uses her life experience to engage students on a social level.

Janette Robinson

Janette is highly skilled at engaging students with cooking, from designing healthy menus through to managing 'experimental' cookery sessions. Janette is also involved in the running of a range of off site activities

Rhys Jones

Rhys is involved in the teaching and support of our KS3 students and is involved in the provision of PE.

Aly Kempshall

Aly supports students in their lessons and offsite activities, to help them individually reach their potential and get the best outcomes.

Daniel Selby

Dan is involved with lessons across the curriculum for both KS3 and KS4 students.

Cordelia Fellowes

Cordelia is a teaching assistant and key-worker at Park Road. She is an enthusiastic and committed member of the team who readily makes herself available when she's needed by staff and pupils alike.

Sarah West

Sarah is experienced in supporting students with a wide range of subjects and has specialism in PE and sports coaching.

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